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Oksana Lang

Quality Assurance Strategist
Being a computer science student, I discovered my passion for testing in 2008. Since then, I’ve tested several complex solutions, the tipping point being video and audio libraries for Skype. In 2016, when all talks in the industry were around automating it all and stopping doing manual testing, I was doubtful. I believed in the value of manual testing. I also wanted to leave my fingerprint on multiple software products. Both my wishes perfectly matched the requirements at Testlio, where we provide e2e fully managed QA testing.

Since joining Testlio in 2017, I’ve grown from QA Project Manager handling e2e testing for 13 clients to QA Strategist. In my current role, I consult teams with testing strategies, develop systems to make our testing results even better, and contribute to releasing more than 150 widely used applications around the globe. I feel most challenged when I need to find a common denominator across tens of variations of somewhat similar problems and develop a system to gracefully tackle and prevent the problem.